Torsion Spring Repair/Replacement

garage door spring repair

Torsion Spring Repair/Replacement

Garage Door Springs, Most homeowners give little to no attention when it comes to their garage doors. It is only after it breaks that one starts paying attention to it. Suddenly, the homeowner faced with a number of decisions to make with regard to repairs.

The garage door springs are more important than most people imagine. Choosing the right spring type for your garage door can help avoid personal injury, property damage and sometimes death from a garage door accident. These are also the reasons homeowners should refrain from DIY garage door spring replacement.

Only professionals should undertake this potentially dangerous activity.


The most common garage door springs include extension and torsion garage door springs.

Torsion springs

Torsion Garage door springs use torque to raise and lower garage doors.

Located above the opening of the garage and usually, they come as a pair in double garage doors and single spring in a single garage door.

They wind and unwind when the garage door moves up and down. These types of springs come in a wide range which includes options for lengths and sizes. The type of torsion extension you get depends on the height, weight, and track radius among other factors.

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Extension garage door spring

This is a type of garage door spring that that is located over the upper horizon tracks on the sides of the door. Extension garage door springs were the most commonly used in residential properties. For the garage door to open, the extension springs extend to provide counterbalance force which supports the door. The more the force applied, the further the springs expand.

It is important to pair all extension springs with safety cables to prevent the springs from detaching in case there is a failure.

Nowadays we swap extension springs to torsion springs due to safety.

Torque tube/master

These springs work on a similar concept as the torsion springs, only much smaller and located inside the torsion shaft. They are not visible which makes it harder to detect if they break or malfunction.

Usually used in lighter garage doors. For repairs, we usually recommend a torsion conversion, which is a better system and will serve the homeowner better in the long-run.

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Which is the best garage door spring?

Extension springs are cheaper than torsion springs and are thus more commonly used in garage doors, especially in residential properties. Even so, extension springs have more exposed parts and are hence more dangerous.

In contrast, torsion springs are safer and last longer than extension springs. This makes them the best choice for your garage door.

Call us for all garage door repair issues and new installations including spring replacements and repairs. With years of experience, you are guaranteed the best garage door services.