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Garage Door Repair

It is important to understand the different issues that can occur with garage doors. Being able to diagnose issues correctly can help your service provider resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Common garage door problems include:

Off-track doors

sometimes the garage door track can shift or go out of alignment. This makes it hard for your garage door to move. You can tell that there is an alignment issue if there are gaps between the rail and rollers or the rails are bent. Call us for effective alignment or replacement solutions for your garage door.

Noisy garage door

  • if you notice that your garage door is suddenly noisy, it is an indication of a few issues such as dirt and debris in the tracks, and lack of lubrication or failing hardware such as hinges, springs, rollers, various bearings.

Frayed or snapped Garage door cables

  •  sometimes the cables that connect your door opener to the power source (e.g. springs) may be damaged, causes issues with the functionality of your garage door. You would need to replace or re-install the cables for your door to start running smoothly. Please do not attempt replacing cables yourself as they are under a lot of tension and can cause Sirius damage or even death

Broken garage door opener

sometimes a broken opener can cause functionality issues to your garage door. If you need to replace your openers, ensure you contact the thrifty garage door repair Toronto.

Broken garage door springs

  • these will cause functionality issues to garage doors, the garage door won’t open all the way or will slam hard on the floor when closing. Broken springs need to be replaced as soon as possible. Failure to attend to faulty springs will not only effect opening and closing the garage door, but will also pose a serious risk and damage to the sections of an overhead door

Safety Sensor issues

  • if you notice that your garage door won’t close, but does open; there may be an issue with the sensor’s wiring or sensor alignment. Wires that connect the sensor to a power source deteriorate with time. In some cases, this can be caused by a faulty logic board.

We routinely service the above problems, but there may be many more that we can help you with. Call us today and tell us how we can be of assistance!

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