Opener Repair/Installation

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Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair

A garage door opener is a remote control for your garage door. Installing a garage door opener adds a sense of convenience to your garage and commute. Most people learn to appreciate a garage door opener during harsh weather conditions because you don’t have to exit your car to open your garage door. Garage door openers add to the comfort and luxury feeling of a home and can raise the value of the property in a future sale scenario. They are also great home improvements if you live with someone with physical limitations that may hinder them from being able to open and close the garage door.

Garage door openers add security to your home when using rolling code technology makes it extremely difficult for burglars to gain access to your garage.

We offer a wide variety of technologically advanced remote openers including:

  • Smartphone control via apps
  • Leaser guided parking
  • Added light for your garage
  • Wireless entry

and many more!

Chain drive garage door opener

This is the most commonly used type of garage door opener. It is the choice of many because of its affordability and durability. This type of opener has a metal chain connected to the garage door opener motor. Activated by a remote control or a wall mounted push button or smartphone control. This type is affordable and durable and ideal for a detached type of garage.

Pros: Price, durability, options available

Cons: Periodic maintenance required, Noise, Limited warranty period

chain opener
belt opener

Belt drive garage door opener

This is a type of garage door opener resembles a chain drive opener but has several additional benefits. This is a less noisy alternative to the chain drive. The opener is made of rubber with a steel-reinforced belt which minimizes the noise.

They are ideal in homes with an attached garage or with one close by

. This opener is more durable, stronger and slightly more expensive than the chain drive type.

Pros: Durability, Quiet, Low Maintenance, Best Warranty Available, Optimal for attached garages.

Cons: Higher cost than Chain Drive

Jackshaft garage door opener

The all-inclusive option!

The biggest difference between the chain and belt openers is how they are mounted and positioned

The chain and belt mounted overhead.

The jackshaft, mount on the side, thus leaves the overhead area in your garage for potential storage or even a car lift.

. This type of garage door opener is relatively new in the market and is used for specific applications. This option is the most quiet and saves the most space.

Pros: Durable, quiet, Extended warranty, No maintenance required, Saves Space.

Cons: Higher tier option.

jackshaft opener

Garage door opener Repair

our techs equipped and licensed to handle a large variety of opener related performance problems such as

sensor problems, stripped gear, and faulty logic boards. If you notice any of these issues, contact our call centre at Thrifty Garage Door Repair to get an estimate for a garage door opener installation or repair!