Cable Repair/Replacement

garage door cable repair

Cable Repair/Replacement

A garage door acts as a type of security measure for your home. For it to work, there are a lot of parts that are needed to be in perfect operating shape and garage door cables are one of these parts.

Major roleĀ 

Cables play a role in lifting the garage door up and lowering it back down. Cables also act as safety features since they prevent the springs from recoiling which can pose a serious risk of personal injury. If your garage door cables have signs of fraying or slacking, it is important to get in touch with us at Thrifty Garage Door Repair Toronto and coordinate a visit from our service team as soon as possible. We will be in your premise in no time. We will assess the situation; diagnose the problem and provide advice on the best solution for your malfunctioning cables.

Some common garage door cable issues include:

Detached and loose cables

If there is a cable that is loose or detached, it can cause opening and closing issues with your garage door. If you are not sure whether the cables are the cause of the issue, you can call us for a service call and professionally assess the problem.

snapped garage door cable

Broken cables

A broken garage door cable causes functionality issues to other parts too. Issues caused by broken cables include loose tension, garage door balancing issues, and spring tension. Any of these issues, if left unattended, can cause damage to other sections and to the whole garage door.

Off-track derailment

Cable issues can also cause your garage door to get off track. This will make it impossible for the door to open or close since it is not on its track.

If you notice that your garage door cables are not functional, it is important to avoid DIY jobs on your garage door.

A professional is the only that should repair or replace garage door cables

. Deciding to do the cable replacement or repair on your own can result in serious personal injuries or even death.

Call us for all your garage door cable repairs and replacements today.

garage door cables repair