Modern Garage Door Styles to Consider For Your Toronto Home

Earlier, an overhead door used to be only a practical way to seal up the garage. Nevertheless, over time, they’ve evolved significantly from what they once happened to be. At present, there’re several new styles on the marketplace, and there’re so many advanced features that can integrate value & convenience. Obviously, if you have not been on the marketplace for a new overhead door in some time, or you have never actually paid much care to the choices available, finding your way through the market can be a little baffling. Here, we will talk about some of the modern overhead door styles & features available to you.

Garage door installation in Toronto


Conventional garage doors are the type that you are used to seeing – generally 3 or 4 panels of wood or metal, put together with hinges, and engineered to roll up overhead. In several cases, these doors are flat, but sometimes they might have ornamental motifs on them. Some features tiny windows inset at about heat height, but others don’t. These are among the simplest and most inexpensive overhead doors on the marketplace, but you can customize them as per your preference of color, style and design.

Raised Panel:

Raised panel doors are pretty close to their traditional counterparts in terms of how they look, but they posses lifted panels across the front. Relying on where you grew up, these might actually be what you envisage when you think about overhead doors. The number & size of the panels can differ from 6 to 9, and there’s generally at least a string of tiny windows at the zenith of the door to offer light into the interior.

Carriage House:

Seeking something that goes beyond the traditional garage door style and provide better aesthetics? If yes, then a carriage house style door might be your best bet. These garage doors are engineered to be reminiscent of old-fashioned stables where carriages were kept when not in use, and generally boast a double row of windows at the summit, and also defined straight panels on the door themselves.


Contemporary is a pretty broad class in the sphere of modern overhead door styles. These can range from modest designs to very elaborate, though they do tend toward modern design in most cases. Contemporary designed overhead doors are usually about attaining 2 objectives concurrently – producing an elegant entryway for the garage itself, and also tying into the overall visual of your house.

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